sexta-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2011

I chose a way, but I forgot to ask you about what you would like.
Now, it can be hard to you, I’m a hard person, I know, but it can be sad to you.
I had a dream, and I brought you to my dream without know if you really wanted to be with me.
Now, i’m confuse, because I’m not certain if do you are happy. I’m not certain if do you want marry me so fast. I’m not certain if do you want live with me all your life. I’m not certain if you can live with me.

Everyday I do something wrong. Everyday I need to apologize for everything i’m doing wrong. I don’t know even when you will take it.

I will be angry, I will cry, I will be a dramatic, everything because I want your attention, your affection, your love. But I’m afraid to lost you.

I know the next morning it will be ok, but until when do you will survive in this drama?

Is it really our lives? Or just mine?

Think about it!

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